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Nevada Real Estate license #S.0170619
Business Broker license #7006

Sell your Business

We know that business owners sell their businesses for a variety of reasons, at different stages in their lives and with large variances. It is important to work with a competent and compassionate Licensed Business Broker.

Buy a

Want to buy a business? Need assistance in identifying the right business opportunity for you? Don’t know how to find businesses for sale? I am here to help and “I AM YOUR CHAMPION”!

Buy a Franchise

Robin will guide you through the process of identifying the best franchise opportunities for you, capitalizing on your strengths, experiences, budget and potential for achieving your goals and objectives.

Start a Business

Got a million-dollar idea, but not sure how or where to start? Robin and her team are here to help oversee your project and provide advice/guidance. We will work with you every step of the way!

Buy/Sell Real Estate

Certified Real Estate Investment Planning Specialist  and a licensed real estate agent since 2010, Robin can assist you with both your residential and commercial investment needs.

Get Pointed in the Right Direction

The Journey

A Compass Built Right In

It never seems to surprise me why so many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle in their businesses, ultimately resulting in unsuccessful or failed ventures. There are many reasons that a business can fail including: poor planning or lack of business plan, under-capitalization, or the owner is simply a poor fit. Sometimes the owner wants to be more hands on, less hands on; wants weekends or evenings off; they want to only be involved in customer service, or only in fulfillment; the list goes on. Stop guessing and get pointed in the right direction today.

Buying a Business or Franchise

Be a Champion

I provide a Free, No Obligation Evaluation for entrepreneurs. By taking the time to understand your personality, your values, what you like and don’t like, and areas of strength and weakness, in terms of running a business, I can match you with business opportunities that fits YOU. I will ask you a series of questions that will give me insight into your values & personality, and likely provide you with some insight as well. Once completed, I will review your results, determine what types of business opportunities would be suited to your unique needs. Following this critical step, I will contact you directly to discuss these results; working until you have the RIGHT matches. It’s really that simple.

Selling Your Business

Pathway Program

Our Pathway program is for business owners who are looking to sell their business. Working with you to review your situation, goals and timeline, we’ll help unlock the true value of your business. We also market and list your business, identify buyers, and stay with you through the entire sales process. No matter your reason for selling, Robin brings the expertise to do the heavy lifting and providing exit options for you.



The Perfect Location

Does your business need a building? Expanding or looking for a better location? Need to do a 1031 exchange? Interested in a rent/lease survey for your properties? The needs of Commercial real estate buyers are much different than residential. Most commercial transactions are investment transactions. A competent agent is necessary to navigate this process and ensure you are getting the most from your investment. Robin and Vice Realty can help you sell your investment properties for the best price/terms possible, locate the perfect building, connect you with lenders, and negotiate on your behalf. Just contact us and we’ll walk you through our proven system.


Buying or Selling a Home

Are you relocating? Ready to buy or sell a home? What about your business? What if you want both? Should you buy a home before buying a business or both at the same time? What’s the plan? Good news. I can help create a customized GO strategy that makes sense based on your specific financial profile. As a licensed Realtor and Business Broker, I can advise you every step of the way--from listing your home, purchasing a new home and obtaining the right loan, to writing the offer and closing the deal and on your business! Robin Grayson and Vice Realty is a one-stop Real Estate Firm designed to work with you on the best strategies for your situation.

Are you an agent? Robin works with top agents in Las Vegas and throughout the United States, so let’s talk!



Who Am I?

Having learned from the ground up, Robin understands the need for business owners to surround themselves with a team of competent and trusted advisors. Robin has spent over 30 years working with existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their business/financial goals.

In 2005, she left the comforts of Corporate America and started her own Consulting Firm, Champions Consulting Group; where she works with clients interested in starting their own businesses. Her business specialties include franchising, retail, QSR, home services, business-to-business services and more. Over the years she has started, bought & sold several businesses.

In 2010, Robin acquired her real estate license and began working with real estate investors on both their residential and commercial needs. Additionally, she is a licensed Business Broker and actively works with sellers and buyers. Robin is a Certified Real Estate Investment Planning Specialist through The National Commercial Real Estate Advisors (The NCREA) and holds a Senior Real Estate Specialist or SRES designation through the National Realtors Association.
Robin resides in Las Vegas with her black Lab, Oliver.  She is an avid reader & networker. Robin enjoys cooking, camping and boating. And in a past life, she earned her certification as a behavioral dog specialist and volunteers her time to local charities. 


What I Do

  • Match Individuals with the Right Franchise Opportunity

  • Consult New Business Start-ups

  • Assist Sellers with selling their Business

  • Work with Buyers on purchasing a Business

  • Advise real estate investors on growth strategies

  • Buy/Sell commercial properties


Why I Do This

I get a sense of personal accomplishment when your dream of financial freedom and independence is fulfilled. I am passionate about business and recognize that there are many pathways to success. I enjoy using my 30 years of experience in corporate operations, franchise development and real estate to help investors achieve their real estate goals and entrepreneurs open their doors. I find my work rewarding and truly love what I do!

About Robin Grayson

Areas of Focus include:

  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Franchising
  • Education
  • Buying/Selling A Business
  • Real Estate Investments

Nevada Real Estate license #S.0170619
Business Broker license #B.7006


By the Numbers

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Americans work full time in their own business

small businesses in America


Millennials & GenZ are more likely to create a side business, compared to baby boomers


of small business owners state their primary motivation for opening a business was “To Be Their Own Boss”

franchise businesses operating in the US as of the end of 2019


of all franchised businesses opened in the past 24 years were women led


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Real Estate Agents

Partner with Robin!

Become a Referral Partner and see real rewards! Robin can assist your clients with their business start-up and commercial real estate needs! She can work with business and real estate buyers/sellers in Nevada and aspiring entrepreneurs/franchise buyers anywhere. Work with the best by partnering with Robin. Set up a meeting by clicking below and see how connecting with Robin really pays.

Success Stories

Do Yourself a Favor

My husband & I have bought and sold 6 times in the last 20 years. Obviously, we’ve dealt with many Realtors both on the buying and selling side. I have to say that Robin is by far the BEST Realtor we’ve ever worked with. Her professionalism, personality, attention to detail, responsiveness and her ability to close the deal was outstanding!!! This purchase was tricky to close, and she navigated the Seller’s Agent and the Mortgage Brokerage and made it happen. Not to mention that she talked me off the cliff a couple of times. If you are buying or selling real estate in Las Vegas, do yourselves a favor and work with Robin Grayson!

– Vicki & Sherman A.

Exploratory Process

I appreciated the way Robin Grayson approached the process as an exploratory process to find out if this was something that would be a good fit for my wife and I. She really cared about finding out what was the right path for us. She helped us narrow down the choices of franchise industries and eventually franchise companies. She was able to provide great insight based on her own experience as a business owner about what to expect from different industries to help us find the right fit for us. I can not imagine going through this process without a consultant. The consultants have so much inside knowledge about what is going on at different companies and why one might be a better fit over another. The average person just is not able to (without spending months and months researching). The bottom line is you are never going to think of everything. You will go through the process and start this great new journey and find something new everyday that you wish you had known. Thanks Robin!

– Sean B.

Career Journey

“My gratitude to Robin can hardly be expressed in a short blurb. Because of the expert guidance she provided to me, my family tree will forever be changed. Robin helped to pull me from a decade long, soul draining corporate grind and into freedom to own and run my own business. Now, my wife and hopefully one day my kids have the opportunity to join me on this adventure. Robin is now part of my Career journey. My story cannot be told without her as a main character. Thank you Robin!”

-Brandon W.

A Good Fit

“I highly recommend Robin Grayson as a a leading franchise consultant. Ms. Grayson is very knowledgeable regarding which franchise opportunities are a good fit for her clients as well as which ones are not. She is very patient and wants to make sure her clients are committed to following a process that ensures her recommendations are a good fit for all parties”.

– Jeff H.

No Regrets

“Robin Grayson has changed our lives. She brought to our attention a franchise that was tailor-made for us. She looked at all our strengths and weaknesses and made us examine them. She had us look at the real reason why we wanted to be business owners and told us to keep our focus on that reason throughout the process. We were very comfortable with her, never pressured, because she told us from the start that there would be multiple steps and at every step she would ask us “Want to continue on? Or are you dropping out?” The one thing that she said to us that I will always remember is “Go down this road, check out everything and if it all fits… great. But if not, if you decide it’s just not right… then at least you won’t have any regrets in years to come.”

We officially begin our new furniture repair and restoration business in just two weeks and we are so excited!”

– Sergio and Suzanne D.

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