You don’t have to have an MBA to own a business franchise, and be successful. Many people consider a business franchise to be either a business broker or a business consultant. The truth is that there is a large variety of businesses that are considered to be “Business Industry” franchises. Among these are accounting, equipment leasing, payroll, and even pre-employment screening franchises that offer substantial revenue and industry specific training.

B2B Business: The Short Game

Franchise owners that choose a business to business model are in for a shorter game that with the public or consumer businesses. Often times consumers are window shoppers, while businesses are “professional shoppers” ready to purchase and with the financial backing to support their needs in the short term. For this reason the returns for B2B franchises may be a shorter timeline than that of a B2C business. Of course, there are benefits to any type of business ownership, and selection of a business should be strongly considered, so if you are considering purchasing a franchise, allow Champions Consulting to help you select the right type of business for all your needs, at no additional charge to you.

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