While it’s nice to believe that random events signify something as wondrous as luck, there’s not much room in your business success for four-leaved clovers. In order to run a successful business you will need to invest in not only dollars and concept, but also follow through. That’s right, luck and skill can only take you so far, you’re going to need to put in some real effort. That’s a commitment of time and energy on your part, in order to achieve true success.

Be More Successful E.N.G.A.G.E.

According to Success is not a matter of luck – it’s an algorithm if you want to become more successful, the right mix is to E.N.G.A.G.E. with your business. Each letter in the acronym is only one part of this all important equation. However, the entire process, or formula, encompasses engaging your potential, your purpose, and those people around you. The lack of prioritizing your objectives and purpose are often what cause otherwise successful businesses to fail…and they loose their drive.

E: Explore

Explore your Meaning, and really drive it into your subconcious. Imagining yourself as being successful and attaining your goals should help you to complete current goals and continue to move forward.

N: Narrow

Narrow your Goals, and focus on one or two items, not the big picture. Soon enough you’ll be able to mark off items from other lists by completing the items on a short list. Then reassess and narrow your goals again.

G: Generate

Generate a Plan, and by having a path to your success you are more likely to achieve it. Ensure that your goals and the plan to achieve are in the same direction, and that your path is as straight as possible.

A: Anticipate

Anticipate Roadblocks, and have a strategy in place to deal with them and discredit them. Nothing should let the wind out of your sails if you have laser focus. Consider future obstacles and ceilings, and think through them before they happen, then include that in your plan.

G: Gain

Gain Persistence, by sourcing your motivation continually. Frequently reassessing your goals, anticipating obstacles, and keeping your momentum will not allow for you deflate when you need it that extra oomph the most.

E: Elevate

Elevate Yourself, by becoming a leader that produces the best from those around yourself by staying elevated. Ironically to remain elevated you must remain humble, acknowledging those around you that have helped you on your journey and creating an atmosphere that rewards teamwork and positive attitudes.

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