Everyone knows the “Golden Rule” in life is to treat others as we wish to be treated. As many people abide by this practice, as it is a pillar in most religions, ethics, and deeply embedded in ancient moral tradition, many people don’t apply this rule to business. The irony is that most corporations apply some level of the Golden Rule in their mission statements, but measuring it’s practice is much more challenging.

How to Apply the Golden Rule to Your Business

The Golden Rule may be applies to each area of a business by ensuring you are listening, talking, managing, and interacting with employees and customers in the most professional and respectful way possible. Without a doubt one of the fastest ways to build rapport and establish a loyal customer base is by applying this rule. The following will go into a little more detail regarding how you may apply the Golden Rule to your business practices.


Everyone wants to be heard, but seldom take the time to listen to others. This doesn’t simply mean being quiet and waiting for your turn to speak, but to fully hear and comprehend other’s voices. Not only should you give others a moment to speak and heard, but good listeners have an easier time being heard, because the Golden Rule works both ways. Interactive listening takes this a step further, showing queues and signs that you are giving the other person your full attention.


Speaking to colleagues, subordinates, and customers in a polite and professional manner can establish a mutual respect, creating a somewhat mutual obligation on the other party’s half to speak to you in the same manner. Remember that the Golden Rule applied here means speaking to others how they want to be spoken to. As you gain rapport with individuals and clients this dialogue may slightly change or your tone adjust to match your audience, and it should.


There are multiple components to applying the Golden Rule to management. Each action you take should be considered from a subordinate’s perspective, and come from a place of trust and authority. Choosing how to perform such tasks as evaluations and critiques may be an opportunity to interact with individuals in a way that treats them with dignity and respect.

All of these items boil down to one thing: respect. You must give it to get it from people, hence the Golden Rule. Finding and applying ways of respecting others is sure to establish a solid foundation for which you can succeed.

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