I appreciated the way Robin Grayson approached the process as an exploratory process to find out if this was something that would be a good fit for my wife and I. She really cared about finding out what was the right path for us. She helped us narrow down the choices of franchise industries and eventually franchise companies. She was able to provide great insight based on her own experience as a business owner about what to expect from different industries to help us find the right fit for us. I can not imagine going through this process without a consultant. The consultants have so much inside knowledge about what is going on at different companies and why one might be a better fit over another. The average person just is not able to (without spending months and months researching). The bottom line is you are never going to think of everything. You will go through the process and start this great new journey and find something new everyday that you wish you had known. Thanks Robin!

– Sean B.