Business Owners Sell for Many Reasons

Selling for Retirement

A common reason people want to sell their business is because they are ready to retire. While sometimes there is a family member, employee or colleague that wants to purchase the business, having a business adviser assist with the transition will ensure that there are no loose ends. Often there is a period of passing information and experiences on to the purchaser, and I help guide this process.

Selling for Financial Gain

Many business owners want to sell their business because they want to pursue different ventures, start a different career, or reasons of that nature. Selling at the peak of success is a great way to ensure that you receive maximum value for your hard work and dedication. However, many business owners fail to achieve proper valuations, or locate and market to qualified buyers in their area. This is why working with a true professional is of such a great benefit.I know what buyers are looking for and can help you to create a buyers portfolio, eliminating the issue of transparency during the initial interest phase. Interested buyers are often impressed when their questions are easily answered, helping make the deal more valuable from their perspective. In short, I will reduce the potential for buyers backing out at the end of the process, and thus providing a smoother transaction for both sides.

Selling an Underperforming or Failing Business

All too often a business owner only wants to sell their business once it is on the verge of bankruptcy. While this is not optimal, you may have more options than you think. As a Business Broker, I may be able to provide solutions for turning your business around, help you find an investor, or even help a competitor absorb your brand.

Regardless of the reason why you are selling your business, I am here to help ensure that the transaction is completed as quickly and seamlessly as possible.